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Tableau is a software tool used for visualizing data. Tableau is utilized for the creation of interactive dashboards, charts, and storyboards that allows the producer (author) to tell a data story in a visual manner. The Tableau producers use the Tableau Desktop software to create visualizations and these visualizations are published to the Tableau server where consumers may view and interact with them.

D2I manages and provides enterprise-level Tableau visualization hosting services to all campus units. As part of this service – there are a limited number of desktop producer (authoring) licenses available at no cost to departments when used for administrative, managerial, or operational purposes. Outside of the limited licenses allocated – additional licenses must be purchased by the campus unit or project in need of a license. Contact Tableau directly for information on purchasing a license. The Enterprise Tableau Server is available at no cost to campus units for hosting visualizations and making them viewable to a wide range of audiences. 

Users of Tableau enterprise servers must adhere to all UT ISO policies.

Tableau Roles

  • Producers are Tableau Desktop authors who create and publish visualizations.
  • An Interactor can see the published views and can interact with them by selecting, filtering, and executing actions.
  • A Viewer can see the published views but is unable to interact with them.

Tableau FAQs

Who needs a Tableau Desktop license?

Any college, school, unit, department, or project that wants to use Tableau for data visualizations. Tableau Producers will need to have Tableau Desktop to create and publish visualizations. 

How do I request a Tableau Desktop license?

Follow the instructions on the Tableau Request Form.

Who can access and view my visualizations?

When you place your visualization on the server – D2I will set-up security (with your input) to make it viewable to select person(s), department(s), university-wide, or publicly. Security can be very granular and utilizes the University’s Active Directory Infrastructure to secure items. 

Production visualizations can be shared with University of Texas at Austin employees (EID login required). Security permissions can be set by subject area or at the role level for UT-Austin access. Visualizations intended to be shared with the public cannot contain sensitive, protected, or private information. 

Is Tableau training available?

Yes. Visit the Tableau website or LinkedIn Learning via UTLearn for online training videos.

Where can a Tableau Producer find documentation to help with developing visualizations?

You can find resources within the UT-Austin Tableau Server reference documents.