Data to Insights builds on decades of data and systems work at UT Austin to accelerate a path forward in support of the university’s strategic planning. It brings together Analytics, Technical, and Functional expertise while relying on broad partnerships across campus to achieve a new level of data integration to support data-informed, insightful decision making at all levels.

D2I works with many system and process leaders, technical staff, data stewards, data consumers, and decision makers across campus. Processes include formal collaborative work, partnering for specific charters, occasional topical D2I InfoShare briefings, and working with and updating UT governance groups along with communities of interest groups.

D2I is a major investment to not only accelerate and modernize the university’s data strategy, but also to enhance the institution’s trusted information infrastructure across many systems and data sources.

Our Values

Collaboration: We work together with our partners toward shared goals.

Trust: We build deep relationships by acting with accountability and trusting others to do the same.

Adaptability: We practice being flexible and iterate to evolve.

Innovation: We are inventive - using our creativity to push UT Austin forward.

Learning: We are curious and focused on growth - as individuals - and as an organization.

Balance: We support each other as whole people and focus on the outcomes - not the individual paths we take to get there.

Compassion: We respect others - model empathy - and assume the best of everyone we encounter.

How We Work

D2I works through Agile processes that include analytical, functional, technical, and other UT community members as we produce new Data Products and Data Hub spokes with reusable data sets. This work includes collaborating with the UT community to create functional data definitions that can scale to many uses and help craft visualizations that support UT’s decision-making needs. We engage directly with the UT community to develop and sequence charters of work to achieve the university’s goals. Our major charters of work are prioritized in consultation with our executive sponsors.

Continuing D2I Services

The D2I team continues some essential operational services that were previously provided by Institutional Analytics and Information Quest.

The D2I Analytics team will continue to provide high-quality, nuanced, and timely data analytics to support the specialty needs of the Provost's Office and other campus leaders. These include routine and non-routine requests for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis pertaining to Admissions, Faculty Affairs, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management.

The D2I Technical team will continue to operate legacy Information Quest services including the on-premise data warehouse, Cognos, IQDirect, REST, and other existing services. UT is in the early stages of planning for the gradual service reduction, transition, and retirement of legacy IQ services when those operational needs can be met through the Data Hub and other new tools.

D2I Leadership

  • Sreekanth Bhagyanagar

    Sreekanth Bhagyanagar

    Chief Enterprise Data Architect

  • Rainbow Di Benedetto

    Rainbow Di Benedetto


    D2I Functional

  • picture of Emma Wu

    Emma Wu Dowd

    Executive Director

    D2I Analytics

  • Kathryn Flowers

    Kathryn Flowers

    Executive Director of Operations

  • Darin Mattke Longoria

    Darin Mattke Longoria

    Director of Major Programs

  • Nicole Olmeda

    Nicole Olmeda

    D2I Data Liaison to CSUs

  • picture of david pavkovic

    David Pavkovic


    D2I Technical and Data Hub

  • photo of Brian Roberts

    Brian Roberts

    Vice Provost for Data to Insights

  • picture of Jefferson Stewart

    Jefferson Stewart


    D2I Functional and Process Improvement Lead