The D2I Academy

The goal of the D2I Academy is to identify training opportunities that can help upskill the UT community as the campus invests in reengineering its approach to data, information, and analytical tools. The D2I Academy provides a means to identify, coordinate, and communicate helpful education and training opportunities by role.  It will help guide UT staff in enhancing existing competencies and developing new skills for working with newly launched trusted information reports and dashboards and the Data Hub.

The D2I Academy provides: 

  • on-going recommendations regarding the skills necessary to effectively engage with campus information and data whether as a consumer or a creator 
  • recommended on-demand training opportunities
  • scheduled upskilling training opportunities for current campus technical staff

Many UT staff already have strong skill foundations, but much of the technical work to engineer reliable data flows among UT systems, model data, and build analytic reports and dashboards via the Data Hub will use new tools that require additional skills. This major pivot in UT’s approach to data sources and information necessitates an investment to add Data Hub relevant skills at the campus and CSU levels.