On April 26, 2022, Sharon L. Wood, Executive Vice President and Provost, and Darrell Bazzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, created the Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) Task Force. It was charged to develop campus-wide recommendations to clarify and simplify how the campus governs access to university administrative data. Recommendations from the task force are due by October 1, 2022, and you can read the charge below. 

The university has made a significant investment to modernize our administrative data and information capabilities through the Data to Insights (D2I) Initiative. While current approaches to data governance have served our ongoing legal and policy obligations well, it is time to reassess, simplify, and clarify how Enterprise Data Governance can best be achieved for the university’s future.

The EDG Task Force will play an important role in helping shape the university’s approach to data governance for the years ahead. The EDG Task Force will be chaired by Chief Data Officer Shiva Jaganathan and is charged as follows:

  1. Affirm legal and policy requirements for the university’s Enterprise Data Governance.
  2. Clarify the specific required roles for data stewardship regarding Regent policies, university, and campus needs.
  3. Simplify campus-wide data governance processes for requests, decisions, and responsibilities.
  4. Specify decision processes for approving data flows to/from the Data Hub.
  5. Specify decision processes for managing access rights to data including “data spokes” in the university Data Hub.
  6. Specify a detailed implementation plan for the task force’s recommendations including change management from the present state of data governance to a formalized Enterprise Data Governance process for the campus.

The task force is encouraged to consult broadly as needed to ensure an understanding of data access needs, the appropriate governance means to achieve them, and appropriate safeguards to protect the institution. It will focus its recommendations on what will be best for the future for the university without excess concern or limitations regarding current practice. Research data and the technical means for information security are out-of-scope. The task force should coordinate very closely with the ongoing work of D2I.

Taskforce Members: 

Shiva Jaganathan: Chief Data Officer and Executive Director of Institutional Reporting, Research, and Information Systems, Chair of EDG Taskforce

Cynthia Akatugba: Assistant Vice President of Legal Affairs

Renee Gonzales: Assistant Vice President for Research, Office of Sponsored Projects 

Teeyia Mercer: Executive Director of Finance and Chief Business Officer of the Office of the VP for Diversity and Community Engagement

Amy Miller: Chief Business Officer of the LBJ School of Public Affairs 

Rob Novak: Chief Financial Officer of Internal Affairs 

Lori Peterson: Executive Director of Accounting and Financial Management

Jerry Speitel: C.W. Cook Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs